Special Offers

Are ‘Special Offers’ Really So ‘Special’?

Buy one get one free!

Do you really believe that someone can give away another product, if the genuine price has been given to start with?
“I can only do it, for this price, if you sign up tonight!”
Believe me, if you rang in the morning, he would be back before dinner time!
(That’s if his boss hasn’t already rang you, to offer it cheaper!) “I’ll ring my Manager and see if I can give you more” Tell him he is welcome to use your ‘phone, then re-dial and see who he really rang!!
“OK, I’m trying to reach a target, I’ll give you my commission”
Who is he kidding? He either thinks you are daft, or he really is stupid.

Sorry if you don’t like my cynical view, but I’ve done the training!

There are very few genuine discounts;
Most of them are because the price was inflated to begin with.

Another thing to look out for are the questions.
“When the salesman calls, will your partner be there”?
If you say no! will they turn up? Probably not, because they will know they won’t get a sale ‘on the night’.
“How do you intend to fund the project”?
Look out! Here comes the finance sales pitch! (extra commission)

At Trims & Windows we will give you a price based on what you want and how much work is involved and how many items you require.
We don’t mess about by inflating the price and then offering a discount for some fabricated reason.
The price is the price.